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Office of the Deputy Mayor for Education

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Population and Students

Chapter 1 describes the adult and child population of Washington, DC over time and neighborhood, as well as the public school student population. Some questions that this chapter helps answer are:

  • How has Washington, DC's population changed over time?
  • What are the citywide trends of public school enrollment?
  • Where do public school students live and are there differences by special needs categories (English learner, at risk of academic failure, and special education)?
  • How many children are enrolled in private school?
  • What is the forecasted number of future school-age children?


Total Population Trends

Adult and Youth Population Trends

Number of Births and Birth Rates

Births to Kindergarten Enrollment Ratio

Race and Ethnicity of Adults and Children

Where Adults and Children Live

Public School Enrollment

Public School Enrollment over Time

Public School Enrollment by Grade Level

Public School Enrollment by Race and Ethnicity

Where Public School Students Live

Public School Students by Special Needs Categories

Where Students Receiving Special Education Services Live

Where Students At Risk of Academic Failure Live

Where English Learner Public School Students Live

Private School Enrollment

Population Forecasts

Forecasted Total Population Growth

Forecasted Youth Population Growth

Forecasted Youth Population Growth by Neighborhood Cluster

Population and Students - Sources and Methodology