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Public School Enrollment by Race and Ethnicity

The majority of the PK3-12th grade student population is African American. The number of Hispanic and white public school students has been growing since 2013 and the number of African American students began leveling off and even slightly decreasing between SY16-17 and SY18-19. See the interactive dashboard for information about specific grade levels.

The racial/ethnic makeup of the PK3-12th grade student population is becoming more diverse as the share of Hispanic and white students increases. By SY18-19, early childhood and elementary grades are more diverse than middle school and high school grades. In the high school grades (9th-12th), the Hispanic share of students increased the most compared to other racial categories (from 13% in SY13-14 to 18% in SY18-19).

Total Public School Enrollment by Race/Ethnicity, 2013-2018

Source: OSSE Audited Enrollment, SY13-14 to SY18-19

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