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Office of the Deputy Mayor for Education

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Enrollment Patterns

Chapter 4 describes the enrollment patterns of students living and going to public school in Washington, DC. In a city with many public school choices and flexible enrollment policies, some students enroll in their neighborhood by-right DCPS schools (in boundary school), another DCPS school (out of boundary school), or they attend a public charter school. At least some students in every neighborhood cluster travel long distances from their home to their school. This chapter probes these varied student enrollment patterns from several different perspectives. Some questions that this chapter helps answer are:

  • What are the trends of public school students regarding in boundary, out of boundary, and public charter school enrollment?
  • What are the enrollment patterns of public students within and across wards?
  • What feeder pathways do students follow from elementary to middle to high school? 

Trends in Enrollment by Sector

Sector Share by Neighborhood Cluster of Student Residence

Student Commute Patterns

Trends in Distance to School by Grade Band

Distance to School by Grade Band and Sector

Trends in Distance to School by Where Student Lives

Student Enrollment Pathways

Grade Progression Ratio

Enrollment Patterns - Sources and Methodology