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Office of the Deputy Mayor for Education

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Population and Students - Sources and Methodology

Population: US Census Bureau and 2021 Population Estimates

Where Adults and Children Live:  US Census Bureau, American Community Survey, 2019 ACS 1-Year PUMS Files

Student-level enrollment and home addresses: SY2013-14 through SY2021-22 OSSE Audited Enrollment. The following audited enrollment business rules were applied to the audited enrollment files for SY17-18 through SY21-22: 1) The universe of DCPS students include audited UPSFF residents + Non-resident tuition paying +  Residency unverified and 2) The universe of public charter students include audited UPSFF residents. Student level data was geocoded by the Office of the Chief Technology Officer with all District-appropriate neighborhood geographies and DCPS boundary rights from the Electronic Boundary Information Rights appended to each student. Home addresses reflect students’ residences provided at the time of registration. Registration can occur between the spring prior to the start of the school year up until the enrollment audit, approximately October 5th of the current school year.       

Births: 1990-2005 citywide data from DC Department of Health, 2014 Infant Mortality Report provided by DC Action for Children. For years 2006-2020, citywide birth data from the DC Office of Planning, State Data Center. Ward birth data from 2010 to 2020 from the DC Office of Planning, State Data Center.

Race and Ethnicity of Adults and Children: Census 2020 and 2019 Population Estimates. See downloadable data files for details on the specific data tables used.

Private school enrollment: U.S. Census Bureau 2010, 1-Year American Community Survey Estimates 2011-2019, 5-Year Estimates 2016-2019

Forecasted population: DC Office of Planning