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Office of the Deputy Mayor for Education

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Public Schools

Chapter 2 describes the enrollment of Washington, DC's public schools by neighborhood and over time. The chapter also includes the type of specialized programs the schools offer, and the number of schools that have opened and closed over the past five years. Some questions that Chapter 2 answers includes:

  • How many local education agencies and schools do we have in Washington, DC?
  • What is the average size of a Washington, DC public school?
  • Where in the city is public school enrollment greatest, by sector and by special need categories?
  • How many schools have been opened and closed over time?
  • What types of specialized programs are offered and where?

Number of LEAs and Schools

Size of Enrollment of Public Schools

Grade Configurations of Public Schools

Enrollment of Public Schools by Ward

Grade and Ward Enrollment Trends

Enrollment of Public Schools By Neighborhood Cluster

Enrollment Trends of Special Populations

English Learners


Special Education

Special Education by Level of Need

School Enrollment by Race and Ethnicity

Public School Opening and Closing Trends

Specialized Programs Offered by Public Schools

Public Schools - Sources, Methodology, and Specialized School Program Definitions