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Public School Enrollment by Race and Ethnicity

Public schools in Congress Heights (Cluster 39) enroll the greatest number of African American students followed next by public schools located in Edgewood and Bloomingdale (Cluster 21). Public schools in Columbia Heights (Cluster 2) and Brightwood Park and Petworth (Cluster 18) enroll the most Hispanic students. Public schools in Friendship Heights (Cluster 11) and Union Station, Stanton Park, Klingman Park (Cluster 25) enroll the most white students. As a percent of total public school enrollment, schools located in neighborhood clusters located to the immediate west and east of the Anacostia River have the highest share of African American students, while schools located in neighborhood clusters in the far northwest enroll the greatest share of white students. Schools in Columbia Heights (Cluster 2), Kalorama Heights and Adams Morgan (Cluster 1), Brightwood Park and Petworth (Cluster 18), Takoma and Brightwood (Cluster 17), and Lamont Riggs (Cluster 19) enroll proportionately more Hispanic students as a percent of total public school enrollment. These neighborhoods are also where the most English learner students live.

Student Enrollment by Neighborhood Cluster of School, SY13-14 to SY22-23

Note: The -2 in the number of students per neighborhood cluster legend refers to suppressed data.

Total public school enrollment has increased by 16% since SY13-14. The number of African-American students declined from a peak in SY18-19 to SY21-22 but increased in SY22-23. The number of Hispanic and white students has increased at a faster rate than total public school enrollment, 43% for Hispanic students and 75% for white students.

Change in Enrollment, SY13-14 to SY22-23

Source: OSSE Audited Enrollment, SY13-14 to SY22-23

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