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School Enrollment by Special Populations - Special Education

Public schools in Crestwood and Petworth (Cluster 18) and Congress Heights (Cluster 39) enroll the most special education students followed closed by public schools in Takoma and Brightwood (Cluster 17). Public schools in Eastland Gardens, Kenilworth (Cluster 29); Mayfair, Hillbrook, Mahaning Heights (Cluster 30); Capitol Hill (Cluster 26); and Fairlawn and Randle Highlands (Cluster 34) enroll a greater share of special education students as a percent of their total enrollment compared to other neighborhood clusters.

Public School Special Education Enrollment by Neighborhood Cluster, SY13-14 to SY21-22


Since SY13-14, 29% more students have been identified as having special education needs, outpacing the percent change in total enrollment of students under the age of 22 over the same period (14%). However, the number and share did decrease from last school year.

Change in Public School Special Education Enrollment, SY13-14 to SY21-22

Note: Only students between the ages of 3 and 21 can qualify for special education status per federal requirements. 

Source: OSSE Audited Enrollment, SY13-14 to SY21-22

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