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Grade Configurations of Public Schools

School grade configurations are not standardized in Washington, DC. In SY22-23, there were 33 different school grade configurations across all DCPS and public charter schools. DCPS typically offers elementary schools with either PK3 to 5th or PK4 to 5th, middle schools with 6th to 8th, high schools with 9th to 12th, or education campuses with 6th to 12th grades (middle and high combined). Public charter schools offer a wider variety of grade configurations. In some cases, this variety reflects that the public charter school has not reached its maximum intended grade. Public charter schools often add a grade each year in order to reach their full grade span, as described in their charter authorized by DC PCSB.

The following dashboard shows both the number of schools and number of students enrolled by each of the different available grade configurations. For instance, the most frequent grade configuration is PK3-5th with 76 schools and 27649 students enrolled.

Grade Configurations and Enrollment of Public Schools, SY13-14 to SY22-23

Source: OSSE Audited Enrollment, SY13-14  to SY22-23

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