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Grade and Ward Enrollment Trends

Enrollment in Ward 5 public schools has increased every year since SY13-14, driven mostly by increases in enrollment in public charter schools. Enrollment in Ward 7 public schools has been relatively steady, declining in the last two years, while enrollment in Ward 8 public schools has seen significent declines starting in SY18-19. Trends for individual grades (or a selection of grades) by ward can also be viewed. Enrollment for PK3 has been declining across several wards, even before the COVID-19 pandemic. PK3 enrollment started to decline in Ward 6 in SY18-19, and in Wards 7 and 8 in SY19-20. PK4 enrollment has been declining in Ward 4 since SY17-18 and in Ward 8 in SY18-19.

Users can select either 2022 wards or 2012 wards to view the ward-level enrollment trends.  

Enrollment Trends by Ward, SY13-14 to SY21-22


By grade band, enrollment in Kindergarten through 5th grade increased between SY13-14 and SY19-20, but at a declining rate. Enrollment in this grade band decreased for the first time in SY20-21, the first full school year during the COVID-19 pandemic, and then again in SY21-22. Enrollment in middle school grades (6th-8th grade) saw consistent increases in enrollment during those same years, only decreasing for the first time in SY21-22. High school grades (9th-12th grade plus alternative schools) have increased for the last three school years. PK3 and PK4 were relatively constant between SY13-14 amd SY19-20, with some small fluctuations year over year. Enrollment declined in SY20-21 and SY21-22 during the COVID-19 pandemic, with some modest bounceback in PK3 in SY21-22. Users can also view the dashboard by individual grade. View the Full Screen Dashboard by Individual Grade here.

Enrollment Trends by Grade Band, SY13-14 to SY21-22

Source: OSSE Audited Enrollment, SY13-14 to SY21-22

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