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Student Enrollment Pathways

This page shows where public school students (DCPS and public charter) enroll during transition grades, such as between elementary school and middle school, or between middle school and high school. In some cases, students enroll in large numbers at their destination feeder school(s) but in other cases they enroll at other public schools, or do not enroll in the public school system at all ("not in audit"). Back years of data have been added. Scroll to the bottom for a description of public school enrollment rights and feeder patterns. 

Student Enrollment Pathways at Common Transition Grades
by DCPS High School Feeder Pattern,
SY19-20 to SY20-21 through SY22-23 to SY23-24

The dashboard below focuses on a single sending or receiving public school. Students who repeat grades are excluded from these views. 

Student Enrollment Pathways by Public School,
SY19-20 to SY20-21 through SY22-23 to SY23-24

Source: OSSE Audited Enrollment, SY19-20 to SY20-21 through SY22-23 to SY23-24; 
DCPS feeder pattern documentation  

Description of enrollment rights and feeder patterns

Every compulsory-aged student (ages 5-18) who lives in Washington, DC has the right to attend at least one DCPS school per grade band. A right-to-attend school can be identified as a student's in-boundary school (based on their home address) or feeder pattern school (based on completing the terminal grade in their current school). DCPS offer two types of feeder patterns: geographic and programmatic (organized by a specialized program of study such as dual language). 

DCPS's geographic feeder patterns are organized by high school. For SY22-23 to SY23-24, DCPS had 10 by-right or boundary high schools. Each of the by-right high schools have at least one by-right DCPS middle school or education campus with feeder rights based on completion of 8th grade, and each of the by-right middle schools has several by-right DCPS elementary schools with feeder rights based on completion of 5th grade. In addition, some DCPS citywide schools with no boundary (e.g., Excel Academy) have feeder rights to a DCPS middle or high school. For more information about DCPS feeder patterns, view the feeder pattern documentation available for SY14-15 through SY24-25.

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