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Utilization of Public School Facilities

Utilization is a measurement of how full a facility is to meet educational programmatic needs. School districts often aim for utilizations of approximately 80% to accommodate fluctuations in population. In SY18-19, the average DCPS and public charter school utilizations were 75% and 84%, respectively (this includes schools that have not enrolled their full intended grade spans*). DCPS facilities were more full in the northwest and central neighborhoods in the city, with some neighborhoods like Chevy Chase (Cluster 10) and West End and Foggy Bottom (Cluster 5) having greater than 100% utilization. Public charter school utilization was highest in the Southwest Waterfront (Cluster 9), Anacostia (Cluster 28), and Deanwood and Lincoln Heights (Cluster 31).

Public School Facility Utilization, SY13-14 to SY18-19

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For both DCPS and public charter schools, utilization in SY18-19 was greatest in public school facilities with 5 STAR and 4 STAR rated schools, as well as “multi-STAR” facilities. For DCPS facilities, utilization declined as the STAR rating of schools in the facility also went down. For public charter school facilities, this was also true, with the exception of facilities with 1 STAR rated schools, which saw a utilization rate of 86%, higher than the utilization rate for facilities with either 2 STAR rated schools or 3 STAR rated schools.

Public School Facility Utilization by STAR, SY17-18 to SY18-19

- The interactive dashboard can be viewed with and without DCPS portables (or temporary classrooms). 
- Schools that are growing (i.e. growing a grade each year) can be excluded from the analysis, since it may not provide an 
  accurate representation of their facility utilization. 
- Capacity and enrollment is for the entire facility, not only for the grade bands selected. See the downloadable dataset 
  for more information on which schools fall under each grade band. 
- Capacities for DCPS schools that are swinging due to modernization are not reported. 
- Facilities that are “multi-STAR” are facilities that have multiple schools in a facility with different STAR ratings. 
  Facilities with no STAR rating include schools that did not receive a rating because they were either a new school, 
  had a particular grade configuration that is not rated, or their enrollment was too small. 

Source: OSSE Audited Enrollment, SY13-14 to SY18-19, DCPS, and public charter LEAs (collected by DC PCSB)

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