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Unfilled Seats

Underutilized public school facilities means that there are seats available to enroll additional students in the building. Large numbers of unfilled seats indicate low enrollment in comparison to the size of the building or that a new school has not fully enrolled to their maximum grade. Also, school districts nationally typically have some seats available in order to accommodate increases in population. The majority of unfilled seats are in Congress Heights (Cluster 39) and Edgewood and Bloomingdale (Cluster 21). Deanwood and Lincoln Heights (Cluster 31) has a large number of unfilled DCPS seats, while Mayfair and Hillbrook (Cluster 30) has a large number of unfilled public charter school seats.

Total Unfilled Seats by Neighborhood Cluster, SY13-14 to SY18-19

- This dashboard allows the user to view this analysis with and without DCPS portable capacities (or temporary classrooms). 
- Schools that are growing a grade each year can be excluded from the analysis, since it may not provide an accurate 
  representation of their unfilled seats. 
- Schools that are overcrowded for not count as negative "unfilled seats"; these seats are set to zero. Therefore, subtracting 
  enrollment from capacity (from previous visualizations) may not always equal the listed number of unfilled seats. 
- Capacity and enrollment is for the entire facility, not only for the grade bands selected. See the downloadable dataset 
  for more information on which schools fall under each grade band.
- Capacities for DCPS schools that are swinging due to modernization are not reported. 

Source: OSSE Audited Enrollment, SY13-14 to SY18-19, DCPS capacities, and public charter LEA capacities collected by DC PCSB

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