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Public School Students by Housing Type

This section examines how many public school students live in the different types of housing units (i.e., “the student yield”). This information can be used to estimate how many public school students may live in future residential developments. Citywide, 100 units of housing of any type yielded 28 public school students (all grades) in SY2018-19. Single family units yielded the most of any single type (40 students per 100 units), followed by apartments (32 students per 100 units), and condos yielded the least (7 students per 100 units). When apartments are differentiated by those owned and managed by the DC Housing Authority, the rate increases to 56 public school students per 100 DCHA units.

Whether future housing developments are apartments or condos will have a significant impact on the number of future students who may live there. This is an important consideration for future school facility planning.

Public Student Yield per 100 Units by Housing Type - Citywide, SY18-19

Looking at the student yield per housing type for each ward, units in Ward 8 had the greatest public student yield irrespective of housing type. This is unsurprising since Ward 8 is home to the greatest number of public school students across all of the wards.

Public Student Yield per 100 Units by Housing Type - Ward, SY18-19

Sources: DC Policy Center housing stock database (December 2017) with additional data and analyses by DME using
administrative housing data from Vector Property Map datasets and OSSE Audited Enrollment (SY18-19)

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