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About DME's EdScape Beta

EdScape Beta, short for “education landscape,” is a comprehensive set of interactive visualizations and downloadable datasets on topics essential to inform and coordinate the opening and siting of programs and schools in Washington, DC. This information, compiled by the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Education (DME), will support data transparency and help build a coherent public education system. The information critical to help answer these questions falls into three pillars of information: facilities, school quality, and student demand. This new source of information was created in response to a recommendation from the Cross Sector Collaboration Task Force.

The DME has two main goals for EdScape Beta: 1) Act as the source of information used to determine whether and where new schools, programs, or facility capacity may be needed and 2) Provide the public with the same information available to policy makers for transparency purposes. EdScape Beta is not designed for and should not be used by parents and students to determine their school options; instead, resources like OSSE Report Cards, My School DC School Finder, DCPS School Profiles, and the DC Public Charter School Board’s School Quality Reports should be used for this purpose.

Topics are organized by chapters, and each chapter has a supplementary document with key takeaways per topic. For the inaugural release, the following topics from the facilities and student demand categories are included: school-age population and public school students, public schools, facilities, enrollment patterns, and neighborhood factors (see the Figure 1 for more information). This inaugural set of information is referred to as “beta” because the DME will be collecting feedback from agencies, school leaders, and the public to improve the next iteration.  In December 2019, DME added the 2018 and 2019 School Transparency and Reporting (STAR) Framework data to EdScape.

If you need additional information, please refer to the Frequency Asked Questions page on the EdScape Beta website. You can also email [email protected] and a staff member from the DME will respond to your email within two business days.

EdScape Framing: Three Pillars of Student & Family Demand & School Quality & Facilities



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