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Public School Enrollment by STAR Rating

The following describes how many students are enrolled at schools that were rated 1 through 5 STARs, plus those schools that were not rated at all. In SY2018-19, 10,309 public school students (DCPS and PCS) were enrolled at the highest rated schools (5 STARs), 25,355 students at 4 STAR rated schools, 22,156 students at 3 STAR schools, 16,920 students at 2 STAR schools, and 8,281 students at 1 STAR schools. Nearly 10,000 students were enrolled at school that did not have a STAR rating because they were either a new school, had a particular grade configuration that is not rated, or their enrollment was too small.

Public School Enrollment by STAR Rating

Sources: OSSE 2018 and 2019 DC School Report Card and STAR Framework and 
OSSE Audited Enrollment, SY17-18 and SY18-19

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